All The Characters In The King of Fighters XV So Far [Update]

A new gaming generation means another new King of Fighters game to rival Capcom’s offering. The King of Fighters XV was announced and features a nifty art style, some new battle mechanics in its 3v3 combat, and the return of fan favourites.

Here are the revealed characters so far, each with their own trailers.

Team Hero


Your main character for this KOF. He plays like he does in KOF XIV, with his aerial attacks, his anti-air, and projectile moves.


This sleepyhead fights with a modified version of the Drunken Fist way involving his pillow, just like in KOF XIV.


This latest reveal of Benimaru proves that EX moves can be pulled off even without being in MAX mode.

Team Sacred Treasures

Chizuru Kagura

The KOF ’96 mid-boss is back and is helping Kyo and Iori out with mystical legendary flames and stuff. She still has her previous illusion-based moveset, along with a new orb-related DM.

Iori Yagami

Everybody’s favourite murderous bass player is back. He has his old moves back (he’s an SNK-style shoto with uppercuts, projectiles, 3-hit special chain), though he learned a few new tricks. He can use the EX version of his 212 Shiki Kotosuki move to OTG opponents for an extra hit.

Kyo Kusanagi

The KOF mainstay is obviously back. He has kept most of his moves from KOF’98 and KOF’99, from his Rekkas to his R.E.D. Kick, which now has juggle properties when using the EX version.

Characters Yet To Be In Teams (For Now)

Joe Higashi

Joe Higashi is best known for his Muay Thai fighting style. He made his debut in 1991’s Fatal Fury King Of Fighters and last appeared in 2016’s The King Of Fighters XIV. He’s not the best at combos, but he does hit hard, has good range, and has a decent projectile.


Mai Shiranui



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