Spiritfarer Will Be Getting Free 2021 Updates

One of 2020’s best games that depict death and dying in the brightest and calming way possible is getting a bunch of free updates.

Developer Thunder Lotus Games will be updating Spiritfarer on Spring, Summer, and Fall according to a roadmap it published. We’ll be getting more story content for our protagonist Stella, a bunch of quality of life improvements, and a bunch of new spirits: Stella’s sister, an owl, a hyena, and a bat.

We’ll break it down:

Spring 2021 Update: Lily

  • New spirit: Stella’s younger sister Lily.
  • New Stella story content.
  • Improved co-op.
  • Quality of life improvements.

Summer 2021 Update: Beverly

  • New spirit: Beverly, Stella’s old neighbour.
  • New boat buildings, collectibles, and recipes.
  • More quality of life improvements.

Fall 2021 Update: Jackie & Daria

  • New spirits: Jackie the caretaker and Daria the patient.
  • New island.
  • New boat buildings and resources.
  • New Event.

The best part? This is all free! God bless the devs for fleshing out an already-stella(r) game that’s going to leave us an emotional wreck. For more on Spiritfarer, check out our review & our Best of 2020 writeup.

Author: Mr Toffee

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