Guilty Gear Strive Is A Pretty Expensive PC Game In Southeast Asia…

With the open beta coming out for Guilty Gear Strive this weekend, the hype for Arc System Works’ baby boy fighting game is pretty wild. However, if you’re planning on buying it in Southeast Asia, your wallet’s going to be feeling a lot of strife.

Twitter user XinXin_FGC has spot the price spike in the PC Steam digital versions of Guilty Gear Strive. The standard version’s price is basically disproportionate for most regions, with some countries getting nickeled and dimed for it.

For a frame of reference: the game will cost US$59.99 in the US while it costs £54.99 in the UK. The game will cost ¥8580 in Japan. Meanwhile, here are the prices for the standard edition of the game in Southeast Asia, sans regional price adjustments:

  • Singapore – S$79.90 (+63%)
  • Vietnam – 800000₫ (+67%)
  • Philippines – ₱2795.00 (+129%)
  • Malaysia – RM239.00 (+152%)
  • Thailand – 1990.00 (+185%)
  • Indonesia – Rp 749000 (+200%)

As you can see, the customers who are getting jacked from Arc System Works’ latest are the ones buying the game digitally in The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. SEA gamers from these countries will be paying a lot more extra for their 2021 anime fighting game fix.

This is arguably worse than the Southeast Asia PC Steam pricing for the company’s last fighting game, Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Keep in mind that this is for the PC version of the game on Steam, so the PS4 and PS5 versions might be different and may have fairer and localized pricing. Hopefully. I highly doubt anyone who wants to get into Guilty Gear Strive will want to pay these insane prices, no matter how good the open beta plays so far. Even for triple-A gaming standards, this is insane.

We’ll be sure to update this piece of news if Arc System Works and its relevant distribution partners are going to do something about this.

Author: Mr Toffee

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