Genshin Impact To Get Finger-Lickin’ Good Crossover In China

First, it’s the KFC console that acts as an air fryer. Now, the chicken-frying corporation is going to assimilate into gacha games.

Turns out Mihoyo, the folks behind Genshin Impact, will be teaming up with KFC for a chicken bucket promotion in China (via Twitter’s Zeniet). Yep, that’s how big Genshin Impact is in the region.

As you can see on the promotion above, Genshin Impact characters Noelle and Diluc are in KFC-themed outfits and feature a limited-time Genshin Impact-branded bucket featuring two cups of Pepsi, lotsa fried chicken, a chicken sandwich(?), and some extras. If you get this, you’ll receive a code that will gift you an in-game set of KFC coloured glider wings: red and white just like the corporation’s colours. The promotion starts 8th March.

This would be a damn fine promotion to have in Malaysia, because our KFC chicken is top-tier when compared to the rest of the SEA region’s KFCs. Change my mind.

Author: Mr Toffee

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