The Fantastic Four Movie Is Not Coming Anytime Soon

During the weekend, a rumour circulated like a wildfire; that Jennifer Lawrence will be playing Susan Storm AKA Invisible Woman in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. However, that rumour has been debunked by not one, but two sources.

According to Deadline Senior Film Reporter Justin Kroll (via Twitter), it is too early for an official Fantastic Four cast to be taking shape. Not only is there no script yet, but Marvel Studios have just only started meeting with writers.

If that’s enough proof, The New York Times writer Kyle Buchanan also essentially tweeted and confirmed the same thing. Marvel Studios has yet to even give a definitive release date or window for the Fantastic Four movie. Plus, director Jon Watts is still busy directing and filming the untitled Spider-Man 3 movie and sequel to 2019’s Spider-Man Far From Home.

Right now, the Fantastic Four rumours seem more like wishful thinking than anything. The Fantastic Four movie was only officially confirmed by Marvel Studios in December 2020, and no other details were provided then, only that Jon Watts would be the director. With no release date/window or script, and the fact that Watts is busy with Spider-Man 3, it’s not realistic to think that any official casting news would be announced now of all times.

Fans shouldn’t expect any official casting news in the near future, or for that matter, any massive easter eggs. I know many fans are excited about Marvel’s First Family finally entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but let Kevin Feige and Jon Watts plan all this properly.

There’s really no need to make baseless theories about the Fantastic Four appearing in WandaVision. “Aerospace engineer”? Please, just stop. If you want real theories based on existing comic book lore, check out my WandaVision episode breakdown articles on the first two episodesEpisode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.

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