Magic: The Gathering Celebrates Black History Month With Awesome Card Art


Hasbro, the Magic: The Gathering makers, are celebrating Black History Month with a new series of cards called Secret Lair: Black Is Magic.

Black Is Magic is part of a print-on-demand series of alternate-art cards that is available for a limited time. This particular one is presented by game designer Sydney Adams and focuses on Black artists and Black subjects. The proceeds for the series will go to Black Girls CODE.

Check out the alternate artworks below, from MTG planeswalker mainstay Teferi to iconic cards like Sol Ring.

This is probably one of Hasbro’s way of making amends for its previously-racist language and imagery with past cards. You can get these cards for US$39.99 for the regular finish versions or US$49.99 for the foil versions. The cards will be available from 22nd February until 31st March. 

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