Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode Drops This March

Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs Legion will launch its free Online mode on 9 March 2021. Players will be able to race their friends through the streets of London, take on a variety of intense new cooperative mission types and challenges, or team a dancer up with a beatboxer by the Tower Bridge for an impromptu riverside performance.

It was originally supposed to release in December 2020 but was delayed.

There will be a co-op multiplayer mode and a Tactical Op mode, which is essentially the game’s version of raid mode. In addition, players can also look forward to the spiderbot arena, which features spiderbots skittering all over a map littered with boosts and health regenerators in a free-for-all match.

  • Free-roam open-world co-op (up to four-player co-op) and explore the city of London and participate in side activities.
  • New co-op missions for two-to-four players.
  • Four-player co-op Tactical Ops missions.
  • Player-vs-Player (PvP) mode in the Spiderbot Arena, where four-to-eight players control armed spider bots and compete in a high-intensity free-for-all deathmatch.

Watch Dogs Legion is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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