Malaysia’s Lemon Sky Officially Responds To Recent Unpaid Overtime & Crunch Allegations

A giant company that requires its workers to do as much overtime without extra pay (ie: to crunch) is a sign of both a systemic weakness and flaw in the video game-making business and the fact that companies need to learn how to manage a company properly as well as need some courses in business ethics. Allegations of said business practices and its stigma are being thrown at Malaysia’s Lemon Sky Studios, who is recently under scrutiny thanks to a recent YouTube video on game publishers and overseas crunch from People Make Games.

Lemon Sky has responded with an official statement, saying that the allegations regarding unpaid OT are “factually and legally inaccurate”. Full response below:

“We abide by all Malaysian employment laws pertaining to work hours, and the contractual terms and conditions of employment with our employees. The allegations made against Lemon Sky Studios regarding overtime payments are factually and legally inaccurate. This position applies to all employees of Lemon Sky Studios (including former employees).

We value the efforts of our employees and take employee wellbeing and mental health very seriously. In addition to conducting an ethical business and adhering to the standard industry practices, we have gone above and beyond to create an open and holistic environment where our employees have access to recreational opportunities and a space in which their mental health is given priority.

As in any situation where allegations are made, management will take appropriate measures in response. This will include a process for obtaining feedback from ALL of our employees regarding their individual concerns.

We remain steadfast in our pursuit to Make Good Art and we will continue to do so as we grow and improve.”

Lemon Sky Studios and Indonesian animation company Brandoville Studios are the latest companies who are allegedly making their employees work ungodly hours and for unpaid overtime, using dubious methods and questionable tactics to keep employees in line.

Author: Mr Toffee

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