Outriders Demo Fixes Its Own Loot Cave Problem

Upcoming looter-shooter action RPG Outriders isn’t even out yet, and it already has a loot cave problem.┬áThankfully it’s been fixed.

A good number of players who played the Outriders demo took the opportunity to farm hoards of legendary items via zipping past a good number of key chests and not fight the demo’s final boss at the mission titled “Confront the Altered at the Tower”. Instead, you can quit to the lobby and try again. The reason why this could be bad is because all your demo progress will carry over to the full game when it’s out 1st April.

Developer People Can Fly responded to this loot cave situation by creating a patch that only made legendary loot appear only in the Gauss boss chest instead. Other chests cannot drop Legendary items, though they can drop from enemies.

That’s one way to solve a demo problem. For more Outriders, check out our class showcase video. 1st April might be a magical loot-and-shoot time indeed.


Author: Mr Toffee

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