Borderlands 3’s Latest Hotfix Adds In New Legendary Weapon; Director’s Cut Delayed To 8th April

We’ve got a two-fer from Gearbox.

First, the bad: Borderlands 3’s Director’s Cut DLC will be delayed to 8th April due to severe weather that affected Gearbox’s Texas office. You can blame Mother Nature for that one.

Due to challenges arising from the severe weather that impacted Texas last month, the Director’s Cut add-on will now launch on April 8. Thankfully, all of our team members and their families are safe and healthy, but our work on Director’s Cut was unavoidably disrupted and we’ve ultimately decided to shift the release date to ensure we deliver the best possible experience. We appreciate your understanding, and we’re excited for you to play Director’s Cut when it releases next month.

Still, there’s some good news to be found, specifically the addition of a new weapon in the loot pile. The folks at Gearbox sure love their PlayStation Lombax-themed games, as their latest hotfix for 11th March (12th March 3am GMT+8) is adding a legendary weapon called R.Y.N.A.H. That is clearly a tribute to the Ratchet & Clank series as the series has an ultimate death-dealer weapon called the R.Y.N.O.

Borderlands 3’s latest hotfix for 11th March will also be fixing a Siren melee exploit, as the Remnant skill (in the blue tree) was doing more damage than intended thanks to the Game Breaker Amara build. The changes include:

  • Removed unlisted melee, slide, and slam damage from the Siren’s Remnant skill.
  • Adjusted the melee damage done by the Fish Slap grenade mod.
  • Lowered the sticky grenade bonus damage for the White Elephant artifact.

The following guns will have their damage buffed too.

  • Webslinger
  • Devoted
  • Roisen’s Thorns
  • Magnificent
  • Mother Too
  • Smart Gun XXL
  • Ten Gallon

This hotfix will require us to update our current Borderlands 3 best class builds of 2021 and best weapons of 2021 guides. Do check them out!

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