Persona Theory Games Receives Funding From Wings Interactive

Wings Interactive, the video games fund supporting titles made by developers from marginalised genders, has announced the funding of four new projects. This includes Subliminal Games’ Button City, Selva Interactive’s Illuminaria, Anomaly Games’ The Fermi Paradox and Kabaret, a new visual novel from Malaysian developer Persona Theory Games.

The news was confirmed by the official Persona Theory Games Twitter account earlier today as well:

According to the original announcement (via, only one percent of Venture Capital funds go to female founders, while there are 22 percent of game creators identifying as women. The company is currently funding projects up to US$500,000.

Wings’ co-founder Audrey Leprince said:

“We are proud to work with such talented developers who are bringing some truly unique games to the market, and we are excited to continue our mission to support creations by those typically overlooked for funding.”

Persona Theory Games’ next title, Kabaret, is a new visual novel featuring traditional Southeast Asian monsters of myth and folklore with a twist.

The synopsis reads:

“Welcome to the Kabaret – where monsters from Southeast Asian myths and folklores dwell.

Decipher tea leaves, play traditional games, and question your humanity.

The truth is this, every monster you have ever met, was once a human being.

Cursed into a monster, Jebat journeys into a realm called the “Alam”.

Taken in by the charismatic owner of Kabaret, known only as The Caretaker, Jebat is tasked with providing tasseomancy services to the dwellers in an effort to gather information on how to break his curse.”

You can wishlist Kabaret on Steam, and it’s slated to launch sometime in August 2021. If you can’t wait, you can even download the free demo and try out the game now.

In the meantime, check out my review of their 2020 visual novel, Fires At Midnight.

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