How To Get A Full Refund For Overwatch’s Sinatraa MVP Skin


Blizzard is currently offering players who bought Sinatraa’s Overwatch League MVP skin in 2020 a full refund.

This is because the star Overwatch player was recently embroiled in an alleged sexual assault case against his ex-girlfriend Cleo “cleOh” Hernandez. Blizzard essentially made their stance known with this move, even admitting to making changes to the Alien MVP Zarya skin in the future.

“Due to recent events, the OWL ‘Alien’ MVP skin for Zarya will be undergoing several changes in a future patch that will remove the OWL Championship and MVP badges from the skin,” Blizzard wrote. “If you would still like to request a refund of 200 League Tokens for the OWL ‘Alien’ MVP skin you can submit a request by submitting a ticket until April 9, 2021.”

Here’s how you can get a full refund for Sinatraa’s OWL MVP skin:

  1. Log in to your Blizzard account.
  2. Make sure any Xbox, PS4, or Switch accounts are linked.
  3. Go to the Overwatch Support page.
  4. Click on the “In-Game issues” option.
  5. Hit the button that says “Contact Support.”
  6. Fill out the ticket explaining you want a refund for Sinatraa’s 2020 OWL MVP skin.
  7. Wait for your account to be credited 200 OWL Tokens.

Keep in mind that the process might take a while, and by doing so, the skin will be permanently removed from your inventory. Right now, there is no time limit for the refund.


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