Bloodborne Producer Leaves Sony’s Japan Studio

Masami Yamamoto has announced his departure from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Japan Studio via his personal Twitter account.

In his tweet, Yamamoto says that he left the studio on 28 February 2021. He also wrote about his experience with Japan Studio and the 25 years he spent with the company. Yamamoto is best known for having served as executive producer on Bloodborne, No Heroes Allowed series, Tokyo Jungle, Rain, Bloodborne, Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, and Tenchu.

Yamamoto is one of several developers that have since parted ways with SIE Japan. Back in February 2021, another Bloodborne producer named Maasaki Yamagiwa announced that he would be leaving SIE Japan at the end of that month. Previously, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama also left SIE Japan to create his own studio, and he’s already working on a new horror game.

In February 2021, SIE Japan announced that Japan Studio will be re-organized into Team Asobi on 1 April 2021.

Check out Yamamoto’s tweet below, where he wrote:

“This is a report that is a little late.

I retired from SIE JAPAN Studio on February 28th.

It has been 25 years since the previous job SME was included in the Sony Group.

My job at 1st was full of happiness as a game creator.

This is also thanks to everyone’s support.

Oh, I’ll be able to make games on any platform.

It’s a very strange feeling!”

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