Super Nintendo World Japan Teases Donkey Kong Expansion

The Super Nintendo World theme park in Osaka, Japan, is slated to officially open later this week. However, there are already signs that indicate a potential Donkey Kong expansion in the works.

According to VGC, Super Nintendo World features a locked door hidden towards the north of the park with a design that is very reminiscent of Donkey Kong. The theme park has yet to officially announce a Donkey Kong expansion, but there images showing a concept model for a Donkey Kong area in Super Nintendo World.

In 2020, Bloomberg’s Kurumi Mori claimed that Super Nintendo World was developing the rumoured Donkey Kong section, but new Donkey Kong-related assets have been data-mined from the Universal Studios Japan mobile app in December 2020, which lends even further credibility.

The assets include various collectables from the Donkey Kong Country series and they even match the visual style of Super Nintendo World’s Stamps. This suggests that Achievements-style Donkey Kong challenges will be added to the future expansion. Check them out below, courtesy of Twitter user @KRoolKountry:

All of this remains unconfirmed for now, so we’ll have to wait until Universal or Nintendo confirms anything.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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