Call of Duty: Mobile Garena Invitational 2021 – The Full Schedule

Asia’s biggest Call of Duty: Mobile esports event is starting this weekend, with the top 8 teams from across the region duking it out for the majority of the prize pool & the glory that entails.

The teams are:

  • DG ESPORTS (Indonesia)
  • Yoodo RSG (Malaysia)
  • NRX Jeremiah 29:11 (The Philippines)
  • NU Anarchy/NUA (The Philippines)
  • ALMGHTY/AMT (Singapore)
  • Raptors.DNS (Taiwan/HK/Macau region)
  • Astro.1s1k/AST (Thailand)
  • Sharper Esport/SP (Thailand)

There will be two stages: The Group Stage where teams fight each other in round-robin fashion, and the Elimination Stage, where the top 6 teams will duke it out in a best-of-five format to be the winner. Basically, it’s your playoffs to determine the champion.


Group Stage Week 1

Friday, 19 March: 7pm-11pm

  • NUA vs AMT
  • Yoodo RSG vs NRX
  • DNS vs AMT
  • Yoodo RSG vs DG

Saturday, 20th March: 1pm-6pm

  • DG vs NRX
  • AMT vs AST
  • RSG vs NUA
  • AMT vs SP
  • NRX vs AST

Sunday, 21st March: 1pm-6pm

  • RSG vs AMT
  • DG vs NUA
  • NRX vs SP
  • DNS vs AST
  • DG vs SP

Group  Stage Week 2

Friday, 26th March: 7pm-11pm
Saturday, 27th March: 1pm-6pm
Sunday, 28th March: 1pm-6pm

Playoffs/Elimination Stage

Saturday, 3rd April: 1pm-5.30pm
Sunday, 4th April: 1pm-5.30pm


You can watch the stream on Garena’s Facebook page here. We’ll put up the stream when it’s ready.

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