VTuber Site Hololive Signs Licensing Agreement With Capcom

Looks like we may be getting VTubers of the Street Fighter variety later this year.

Cover, the company that owns VTuber-making production house Hololive, has signed a licensing agreement with Capcom (via Famitsu). What does this mean with all vtubers associated with Hololive? They’ll be able to legally play Capcom games on stream without any fear of copyright claims or strikes.

This agreement is also extended to previous Capcom game streams from VTubers. With Hololive roster of 50 VTubers in Japan and worldwide, that’s a pretty significant deal that will benefit both companies. For English-speaking audiences, you can expect Gwar Gura and Mori Calliope to focus on upcoming Capcom games in the future.

The last time we talked about VTubers, Hololive’s popular JP streamers were featured as free DLC characters in Disgaea 6. These include Shirakami Fubuki, Uruha Rushia, Shiranui Flare, Tsunomaki Watame, and Omaru Polka.

Top image credit: Reddit

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