This VTuber Is Getting Millions Of Views Just From Attempting Apex Legend Master Rank Solo

Apex Legends is a three-player team shooter, but you can attempt to play the game solo and get ranks for it. Many have tried, but what if I told that a VTuber tried her best and got a million views for it?

That’s the case with Minato Aqua, a prominent Hololive VTuber with a “bumbling airhead pigtail girl with a sailor emblem headband” look renowned for her Apex Legends plays. For the whole week since the 15th of March, she has been on an Apex Legends binge, but now doing solo. Apex Legends is tough enough as a co-op battle royale game, but soloing fights is a whole new ball game for some, complete with its own meta. It is an achievement for many a hardcore shooter fan.

Aqua’s last two days of streaming has a YouTube livestream viewer count of 2.2 million views total (thanks Kumikones). The chief reason is because Aqua’s fans are showing their support, as she is very close to reaching Master Rank via soloing. They just want to watch her grind it out, and grind she did!

At the end of the day, however, she didn’t reach Master Rank. But the fact that she was close and the viewcount she received from her streams for the attempt is already a victory in itself. Congratulations on the top-tier play, Aqua!

Author: Mr Toffee

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