Microsoft In the Running to Acquire Discord for Over US$10 Billion

Microsoft Corp. is in talks to acquire Discord Inc in a deal which may be worth US$10 billion, according to some folks who are deep in the development. Via a brief piece on Bloomberg, no deal is imminent according to the source who asked not to be identified. Another source said that Discord is more likely to go public than sell itself.

Still fresh off their acquisition of Bethesda recently, Microsoft appears to be one of the several parties who are in the running after Discord reached out to potential buyers. Regardless of how legit this news is, it is definitely great news for Xbox gamers in general who have been receiving a string of awesome news since the release of their next-gen Series X & S home consoles.

We consider this news is still in development and will update you with more info as we receive them. Meanwhile, check out what we thought of the next-gen Microsoft home consoles, and whether the Xbox Series S is worth your while.

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