Six Days In Fallujah Gameplay Looks Like A Hyper-Realistic CoD Game

The previously-cancelled first-person shooter Six Days in Fallujah is now coming back in 2021, and is still garnering as much controversy as before. This is because the game takes place during the Second Battle of Fallujah, which many people have deemed a “war crime”. The title itself seems to be framed as a propaganda jingoistic-style game based on what people have been seeing.

Here is more gameplay on Six Days in Fallujah (via IGN) and it’s looking like any other military shooter, if we’re being honest. Creator Peter Tamte seems to be saying that the shooter will “challenge outdated stereotypes about what videogames can be”. The trailer seems to be focused on the dangers of what lies behind a door when with a fireteam during a tumultuous time in Iraq.

If all this gameplay looks familiar, that’s because it looks like the “hyper-realistic” version of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) “Clean House” mission where your team had to find terrorists in the blackest of night, opening doors and checking corners in houses mixed with enemy combatants and civilians. The major difference is that Six Days’ villages and buildings will be procedurally generated, so no two experiences are the same. The aim here is to recreate the feeling that you’re a real Marine bursting into unfamiliar territory and have to plan like in real life.

Still A Controversial Title

If you are curious to find out why the game is controversial, game designer Rami Ismail has made a video about the latest gameplay trailer.

Other industry folks have chimed in that the game is a shallow attempt at explaining the cost of the Iraq war while recruiting people in the army.

Six Days in Fallujah is scheduled to be out before 2021 ends. It is developed by Highwire Games and published by Victura, a company founded by creator Peter Tamte.

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