Ubisoft Singapore Is Looking For Playtesters Who Work From Home

Ubisoft Singapore has announced that they’re currently looking for more playtesters. The good news is that they’ve started to conduct remote playtests. What this means is that those who apply can now do so from the comfort of their own home and not having to travel to Singapore.

To those unfamiliar with what the job entails, being a playtester is playing games and giving valuable feedback to the developer. This is essential to improving the game, as playtesters can help to find bugs and other issues. A playtester will be able to play the game earlier than anyone else, including prototypes and early builds of unreleased games.

Playtesters will be rewarded with gifts, vouchers or even games, depending on the length of the playtest. Everyone is eligible to become a playtester, it doesn’t matter if you’re hardcore or casual. All you need to become a playtester is a stable internet connection with at least 10Mbps download / 2Mbps upload speeds (check your internet speed here), as well as a game controller (Xbox or PlayStation) and a microphone to communicate with the developer.

To apply, just head on over here and fill out the form. The Ubisoft Singapore User Research Team will shortlist candidates based on gamer characteristics and the specific requirements of each test. Those who are selected will receive an invitation email. Once you receive an invitation, you’ll need to accept it and check your inbox for a confirmation email to verify your attendance and receive a virtual package with instructions for pre-test preparations.

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