So Those Final Episodes Of The Promised Neverland Sucked Hard…

Anime fans who look forward to a solid adaptation of the hit manga series The Promised Neverland had their fill with Season 1 and Season 2 of the anime. Well, most of Season 2 anyway.

To say that episode 10 and episode 11 of The Promised Neverland’s second season is a disappointment is putting it mildly. It did not stick the landing at all, and fell on its face on hot garbage while it set itself on fire for all to see. The final twenty minutes leading up to the end is just a slideshow leading up to an ending that just feels rushed and unearned; it will be a 2021 moment that many YouTubers and content creators will talk about for months on end.

Naturally, fans expressed heavy disappointment on how the climax was handled (via ANN), as it did not match the manga’s tone and feel at all. A lot of plot developments from the source were either omitted, rewritten, or rushed out. It was such a botched job that its manga author Kaiu Shirai was not listed on the credits in episodes 10 and 11 of the second season. So clearly he wasn’t brought on board for the ending of this anime adaptation.

This wouldn’t be complete without Twitter outrage, so here’s a sample of a few:

Yikes. Let’s hope the same fate does not happen to Attack on Titan.

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