Narita Boy Walkthrough & Level Guide: How To Wake The F*** Up, Samurai

Narita Boy is now out for most major consoles and for the PC. While its art style and music are great, it has this habit of letting you get lost and not giving you a clear direction, much like last year’s other Metroidvania title Carrion. 

It’s all the more frustrating especially if you’re just here for the game’s engrossing story. Fortunately, we have a number of video walkthroughs here for your reference. Just keep in mind that these videos are spoiler-filled and contain solutions to all the major puzzles. You’ve been warned.


Act 1: Creator’s Tears

Act 2: Yellow House

Act 3: Blue House

Act 4: Red House

Act 5: Digital Kingdom & Final Stage

Author: Mr Toffee

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