Here’s What You Need To Know About Genshin Impact’s Contending Tides Arena Mode

Love to fight in Teyvat? Want to get more Primogems? Then Genshin Impact’s latest mode will let you do just that.

Mihoyo announced more details about its upcoming Contending Tides Arena event located at Dadaupa Gorge. Players can earn Primogems and other rewards by completing a number of challenges at various difficulties. Here are the details:

Event Duration: 2nd April – 12th April

Eligibility: Adventure Rank 20 or above

How It Works

● Starting from the first day of this event, a new challenge with three difficulty levels will unlock every day. Travelers can select the difficulty at which to attempt a challenge. Completing a challenge at a higher difficulty will also automatically clear any lower difficulties.

● Each challenge has up to three completion criteria. All criteria must be fulfilled to complete the challenge.

● Each challenge will enhance certain abilities. Pay attention to the bonus effects and use them to maximize your advantage.

● Changing your World Level will not affect the difficulty of event challenges. So leave that World Level slider alone.

Stay tune to Kakuchopurei for a guide on that, as well as a short video of us attempting to roll for step-on-me priestess Rosaria.

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