PlatinumGames’ Latest 2D Title Is No Joke


PlatinumGames, a company known for awesome action games that usually do not sell well save Bayonetta, is teaming up with developer Hamster to create a 2D shoot-em-up called Sol Cresta. The announcement was made today, which makes it kind of suspect since this date is notorious for fake news.

But it’s not, since they teased it last year on 1st April and seem to be legit in making this game for 2021 for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Soul Cresta looks like a top-down 2D sci-fi alien ship-filled shooter, but not to the extreme of a danmaku shooter. Think Blazing Lazer and Jamestown; not too bullet hell-like, but not easy either. It even has the arcade music synth OST going on in the background.

Check out the 2D action below:

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