Why Is The Internet Talking About Killing Mario?

On 31st March PST time, Mario meets his demise.

That’s an exaggeration, but the internet seems to think so. This is because of a recent Nintendo practice that has been recent and has been mocked time and again. Let’s break down why that is so.

See, 31st March US time is when Nintendo’s latest game Super Mario 3D All-Stars (a collection featuring Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy) will be discontinued from the Nintendo eShop. If you didn’t buy the collection, then tough luck: you won’t be getting it after 31st March. In fact, the company seems committed to pull physical copies of Super Mario 3D All-Stars from shelves.

Why do this? This is because Nintendo wishes to make Mario’s anniversary feel special and unique. Hence, the limited time offer element. Here’s what Nintendo of America CEO Doug Bowser said:

“Super Mario 3D All-Stars has sold over 2.6 million in the US alone. And so clearly, consumers have been able to jump in and enjoy that. And it’s not a strategy that we’re going to be using widely, but it’s one we thought was very unique for the actual anniversary.”

This does beg the question: will the collection make a return after some time of absence? Probably not, but a new collection might take its place to celebrate Mario’s next major anniversary. Anyway, this is why the internet is declaring 31st March the death of Mario.

This is why you see the memes below:


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