Muse Dash Developer Files For Bankruptcy [Update: April’s Fool Joke]

Update: Studio PeroPeroGames just posted an elaborate early Muse Dash-related April’s Fool joke. The devs are apparently fine. Well-played.

PeroPeroGames, the developer behind rhythm game Muse Dash, is officially filing for bankruptcy and effectively shutting down. They confirmed this in a blog post update on Steam yesterday, as they also revealed the final update for the game as well as a special final discount which will last until 7 April 2021.

They wrote:

To our lovely friends:
Thanks y’all for supporting [Muse Dash] and helping us grow over the years! Due to the extremely modest price point of [Just as Planned], our company has undergone colossal financial losses, making it impossible for us to feed our devs and continue to update [Just as Planned]. We are preparing to file for bankruptcy in the following days.
For anyone who hasn’t gotten their hands on Muse Dash, we liquidated all our assets to bring to you one last discount event: starting from Mar 30th through April 7th, the base game will be 70% off, and Just As Planned 20% off. You won’t be hearing from us anymore after this.

Our final update includes:
1. [Happy Otaku SP]: purchase the music pack to unlock the new character [Part-time Warrior Rin] and a new loading screen. With her staggering physics-defying power, Rin is the ultimate personification of the collective creativity of PeroPeroGames. But we had been too broke to be able to create this character to meet our previous standard. For that we’re sorry, but we really gave it all we got!

2. A new welcome screen by the most superb art team at PeroPeroGames, depicting Lead Singer Marija, Fire Extinguisher Rin, Accompanist Buro, and Band R.M.B. Log in to the game between March 31st and April 7th to unlock the welcome screen, after which it will be added to the list of random level-up rewards.

3. Two new hidden sheets: [Cosmograph – DataErr0r], and [P*Light – TWINKLE★MAGIC]. It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that these are unlocked by frantically clicking through the difficulty options.

4. Fixed a bug that caused the title screen dialogues to malfunction.
It’s with a heavy heart as we end [Muse Dash] on such a note, Thanks for your understanding and support!

[Muse Dash] dev team: PeroPeroGames
Apr 1st, 2021

Muse Dash is currently a whopping 70 percent on Steam. It’s always sad to see a developer having to shut down due to unfortunate circumstances like this, which is why it’s always important to support smaller and indie developers by buying their games.

Muse Dash is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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