Our Favourite Video Games April’s Fool Jokes Of 2021

Another year, another bunch of practical jokes in the form of social media messages, tweets, and press releases. It’s April’s Fool Day still (for a few hours outside of Southeast Asia anyway). Here are the headlines and tweets that tickled our fancy.

G Fuel Chili Dog Energy Drink

You’ve seen this gamer fuel drink on YouTube ads; now see them make a Sonic cartoon-inspired joke. Well, that last bit is a lie; you can buy it online for god-knows-what reason.


Here’s an Overwatch patch notes that come with some nonsense:


Dev Comment: We’ve received feedback that Ana players don’t often see the immediate impact of their ult since it’s usually used on Genji and Winston who immediately jump out of range. With this change, Ana can also enjoy the fruits of her labour with powered up darts and damage reduction.

Nano Boost

Boosting an ally will now also boost Ana


Dev Comment: Point blank Coach Gun to the face now matches expectations more closely.

Coach Gun

Projectile damage increased from 6 to 9

Can now deal critical damage

Spread reduced by 50%

No longer knocks back enemies


Dev Comment: An Ice Wall is literally a physical barrier. But Mei can also do a lot of damage. Can’t you see this endless conflict is tearing us apart?


Reassigned to the Tank role

Character scale increased 15%

Health increased from 250 to 400


Dev Comment: Winston’s Primal Rage offensive power wasn’t quite living up to our lofty expectations of a genetically modified space-ape, so we’re giving it a small nudge. Winston also has a soft spot for his inventions, so If you thought breaking his glasses made him upset…

Barrier Projector

Enemy damage now grants Winston ultimate charge

Primal Rage

Melee damage increased from 40 to 90

Melee knockback increased by 40%


The folks who made Minecraft took the time to make Minecraft Plus! for old-school machines.



Deathloop cereals. Cute.


Remember Myst, the adventure game that stumped a lot of PC gamers? Imagine that but with Beat Saber mechanics.


The devs behind the Arma series made this joke trailer featuring tanks. And racing.


The makers of the recent Spongebob games went out of their way to hit the lowest common denominator joke.

Hi Rez Studios

The team did a video on SMITE Go, the newest AR mobile game where you hang out with the game’s many gods & demigods.

Epic Games

The makers of Fortnite did a little joke involving its Unreal Engine tech: MetaPets. We’d pay money for this.


The devs created a short video of the PS1 version of Control. It’s missing all the slowdown.

The Game Kitchen, Team17

The folks behind Blasphemous advertised a new mode where all its levels feature spikes and nothing but.


Who wants to see a Dirt Rally game in text mode? Anyone?


For Honor features a limited mode where all your weapons are non-lethal and make squeaky noises while raining confetti.


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