Outriders Endgame Expeditions & Progression Explained

So you’ve reached level 30, got the Legendaries you want, and beat the game with your friends in Outriders. Like all great loot-and-shoot games and multiplayer action RPGs, this is far from over. In fact, if you want to get the best possible level and weapons, you’ll need to play through Outriders’ endgame.

We’ll say this: it’s a whole new ball game.

Outriders Endgame Progression

After you beat the game, you’ll gain access to high-end missions called Expeditions. These new challenges will feature unique mechanics and challenges, as well as high-level enemies.

What do you do on Expeditions? The same thing you’ve been doing in Outriders this whole time: enter rooms and pathways, then kill all the enemies. Only tougher and with more Elites popping up. The faster you kill them all, the better rewards you get.

There are 14 different Expeditions players can party up and play in, but only 3 out of that pool are active every day. The final Expedition, Eye of the Storm, is only unlocked after reaching Challenge Tier 15. Here’s the list so far:

  • Archways of Enoch
  • Boom Town
  • Chem Plant
  • Frontline
  • Heart of the Wild
  • Marshland Caverns
  • Mountain Outpost
  • Stargrave
  • The Drought Palace
  • Eye of the Storm

You’ll also get a new progression mechanic called Challenge Tiers. Here’s what happens:

  • Challenge Tiers determine the difficulty of the endgame levels & Expeditions, as well as the quality of the loot. The higher the Challenge Tier, the tougher the challenges & the better the rewards.
  • Also, if you beat an Expedition level as fast as possible, you’ll get the best rewards possible and unlock the next Challenge Tier.
  • The highest Challenge Tier is 15. You start off at Challenge Tier 1 and work your way up.
  • Enemies will scale beyond level 30, which was the max cap in World Tier/Story mode. You’ll be fighting enemies and bosses from Level 31 to Level 50 depending on your Challenge Tier.
  • On the plus side, you’ll start getting loot that scales beyond level 30. You’ll be receiving loot from Level 31 to Level 50.
  • Enemies in Expeditions do not drop loot. Once you finish an expedition, the loot is instanced for each player who participated.
  • Endgame resources that drop in these Expeditions are Drop Pod Resources. You use these to craft high-level weapons & armour.
  • You’ll also get access to Elite Vendors, who will sell you Legendary weapons right off the bat. They change offers weekly, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to save up for that one Iceberg you want.
  • Prices for Eliter Vendor’s Elite Offers will double when you level up a Challenge Tier. So if you want to buy something, do it now before you attempt an Expedition and aim for a Challenge Tier upgrade.
  • World Tiers are “kinda useless” once you’re at the endgame. That bit is in quotation marks because we learnt of this recent farming technique, but that’s another feature.

Some Tips For Expeditions & Challenge Tiers

Keep Grinding

If you’re having trouble getting up a tier, just grind the lower tiers so that you can get Drop Pod Resources to buy the Legendaries you want to power up your Outrider(s).

Survivability > Damage

When you’re crafting and modding equipment for Expeditions & Challenge Tiers, prioritize armor/armor-generation and healing/life leech. Generally, when all your Outrider’s abilities are in a cooldown state, that’s usually when you will get mobbed and die. So bumping up your survivability is usually a good idea.

Keep Modding

Even in the endgame, modding your equipment is surprisingly affordable. So keep doing this per Challenge Tier bump.

Break Down Weapons & Armor You Don’t Need, Even During Campaign Mode

It’s usually best to disassemble all the loot you get in the early game and just before the endgame Expeditions. This is so that you have a lot to pick from when you’re customizing & crafting. Breaking down equipment will also give you attribute shards that you can use for other high-level gear in the future.

The Best Expedition To Farm Legendaries? Chem Plant

Not all Expeditions are built equally. The Chem Plant so far is the most ideal and straightforward Expedition to get a full completion star for. Even if you cannot get to Challenge Tier 15 (which would give you the net highest amount of Legendaries & sets in an hour or so), you can still score a decent amount of loot in lower Challenge Tiers if you complete it the fastest.

Need another method of farming Titanium for your modding and weapon-upgrading needs? Check out this video!

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