Genshin Impact Contending Tides Guide: How To Survive The Anime RPG Battle Arena

This guide is still in development as the other two Contending Tides events are not yet available.

Genshin Impact’s latest event is out now -Contending Tides- and it’s going to be up this whole week. Here’s a guide about the latest event and how you can tackle it.


The objective in a Contending Tides mission is simple: defeat all enemies in a circular arena. Before you start a fight (by activating the key in the middle of the arena), you can switch up your party and prepare for the conditional fights. Each battle has its own boosts & quirks which we’ll detail below.

Contending Tides Battle Types

Welcome To Easy Mode

Here, you fight an unlimited horde of Hilichurls and Mitachurls; kill a set amount of these fiends before time runs out. While fighting within the Aura in the centre of the arena, your character’s attack is greatly increased. If your character is on full stamina while in the circle, your character will unleash damaging shockwaves that will hit all enemies in the arena.

Our only major protip is to keep your stamina full to exploit the shockwaves, while trying to keep yourself in the circle. Use characters with AoE attacks and Elemental Bursts make opponents stay put like Mona’s.

Higher difficulties mean shorter completion times, higher Mitachurls defeat requirements, and a game over if one of your characters dies.

Don’t Sweat It

You fight Hydro elemental slimes; you have to kill them quick in-between seconds. Electro-Charged reactions deal more damage in this battle. If you create Electro-Charged reactions, you unleash a damaging shockwave.

Use Electro characters here like Fischl and Keqing to trigger Electro reactions easily.

Art of the Cannonball

You fight an endless horde of Hilichurls here, including the big Mitachurls. Here, you can collect three “wind spirit” things to create a wind column that will lift you up; use this to do Plunging attacks for massive damage and create shockwaves that knockdown enemies in a big AoE. This fight is easier with Plunging Attack aficionados like Xiao.

Battle of an Epoch

Here, you fight a number of Ruin Guards one at a time. If you freeze them and hit them while Frozen, you can deal massive damage to them. Use Hydro and Cryo characters like Mona, Ganyu, Xingqiu and Kaeya to create a Cryo Elemental reaction situation.

To The Bitter End

You fight a Stonehide Lawachurl in this battle. However, if your life is less than 30% (in the red), you will deal double damage. You don’t really need this buff unless you’re playing at Expert, but generally you can end the fight fast if you’re good at dodging while maintaining your life in the red. Characters like Noelle can give themselves added protection when their lifebar is critical, which means you can take afford a mistake or two.

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