Street Fighter 5 Spring Showcase Reveals New Oro, Rose, & Akira Gameplay

Capcom delivers a bunch of updates and new gameplay reveals for its Season Pass V characters.

First up, we have Oro, the hermit from Street Fighter III who fights with one arm. Here’s the breakdown:

  • He has his hermit garb and a Hawaiian shirt costume that makes him a Master Roshi stand-in.
  • He carries his turtle around during a fight; that’s why he’s fighting with one hand.
  • His standing Medium Punch launches opponents in the air, meaning you can follow it up with a combo in the air.
  • He still retains his double jump from SF3. And he’s most likely a charge character.
  • He has a new kick move called Tsuranekeashi, which is meant to push opponents away while setting up combo opportunities.
  • His V-Skill 1 is Onibi, which is a Yagyou Dama-lite; it’s a slow projectile with a long startup, but can help with controlling space.
  • His V-Skill 2 is Minomushi, which is a small spinning jump that can be followed up with either a P or K input.
  • His V-Trigger 1 is Manrikitan, a powerful command grab that can be used either in the ground or in the air. You can use it as a combo ender.
  • His V-Trigger 2 is Tengu Stone, which summons a bunch of objects that are his satellites. When he lands an attack, the objects follow up with one attack after another.

We also have an extended look at Rose and her movesets, as well as a mirror match. To recap:

  • Her anti-air doesn’t make her jump this time around; she uses her scarf while on the ground.
  • Her V-Skills include tarot cards (for V-Skill 1) and her Soul Satellite from Street Fighter IV (V-Skill 2). The former powers up her moves while curses her target, while the latter gives her some form of one-hit protection until she gets hit. Her V-Skill 2 however takes a while to startup, so don’t go doing it unless you score a hard knockdown or something similar.
  • Her V-Triggers make her warp around the screen (V-Trigger 1) and summons a bunch of illusions for multi-hit combo purposes (V-Trigger 2).
  • She still has Soul Spirals as combo-enders, as well as a Soul Punish move that places timed “Soul mines” that act as trap moves.

On top of that, Capcom revealed some gameplay for the next character, Rival School’s Akira with all of her target combos, air combos, and rekkas making a return. Heck, even her brother Daigo pops up as a special move.

Check out all that sweet gameplay below:

Welp, time to spend money on that Season Pass V then. It’s US$24.99/RM103 for the base price.

Author: Mr Toffee

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