This Anime-Inspired Rhythm Game Just Launched Its Kickstarter; Demo Oncoming

Need a rhythm game that’s full of “music and emotions”? D-Cell Games’ Kickstarter gaming project may be the cure that ails your gaming ennui.

The developer is creating an “anime-juiced” rhythm adventure game called Unbeatable, where you use two buttons to be in sync with the rhythm to defeat foes. The game is set in a world where music is illegal, and you play a girl who wants to bring it back by any means necessary. It’s got that FLCL vibe going on, I’ll tell you that.

If you’re not convinced with the video above and need tangible playable proof, you can check out the demo on Steam called Unbeatable [white label] which should be out later tonight. The demo features six songs from the game and lets players learn more about the game’s world and lore. You can also turn on the VHS filters and post-processing. Or off if that’s not your cup of visual tea.

In any case, I’m a believer; you can support the Kickstarter here.

Author: Mr Toffee

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