All The New Legendaries & Class Mods In Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut

This guide will be updated periodically.

Borderlands 3’s DLC 6 is out now, and with it are a bunch of new Legendary weapons, grenades, class mods, and more. Here’s the list of what we’ve found so far.

Free Radical – Legendary Pistol. For each projectile hit on a target, it will send out a homing shot. +340% weapon damage. +30% weapon fire rate. +36% weapon charge speed. +60 splash damage radius. World drop. Farm from either Beef Pliskin (in Pandora), The Seer, or Hemovorous the Invincible.

Torrent – Legendary SMG. Extremely high fire rate, even for an SMG. Fires in a spiral pattern. +269% weapon damage. World drop from Arms Race and Diamond Lootbox.

Kickcharger – Legendary Rocket Launcher. Shoots a piercing beam that can go through targets. Charge weapon, but at 1 ammo per shot. World drop from Arms Race.

Redeye Rocket Pod – Legendary Rocket Launcher. On kill, add 1 to the burst fire count at no ammo cost. Max. 4. Resets after killing a badass or boss. Drops from The Seer boss and Hemovorous the Invincible.

Guardian 4N63L – Legendary Shotgun. Shock elemental. Weapon damage increases based on distance. Weapon Shield Capacity: 46166. Damage to projected front-faced shield amplifies weapon damage. You can get this weapon from the Fallen Heroes Vault Card. Weapon tribute to Angel.

Whizzy Mechanic – Legendary Rocket Launcher. +100% vehicle weapon damage. +100% vehicle ramming damage. +120% weapon damage. +39% weapon accuracy. +15% weapon fire rate. Weapon tribute to Scooter.

Ionic Disruptor – Legendary Sniper Rifle. Melee Shock damage. Shot bypasses shield ala Tresspasser from BL2.. Gun and quote inspired by The Mandalorian.

Super Soldier – Legendary Shield. Gain fire rate, ammo regeneration, and movement speed while your shield is full. On shield full, gain a protective barrier for 5 seconds. Get it by completing quests on the Fallen Heroes card. Weapon tribute to Roland.

Bird of Prey – Legendary Sniper Rifle. +166% weapon damage. +10% critical hit damage. +15% reload speed. 6.0x Weapon Zoom. On hit, 33% chance to spawn a powerful projectile from above. Critical Hits ricochet 1 bullet at the nearest enemy. Weapon tribute to Bloodwing.

Re-Volter – Legendary Shield. On depleted, become shock-enraged for 15 seconds. +10% Movement Speed while shields are full. When damaged, has a 15% chance to drop a Health Charge that restores 15% of max health. When damaged, has a 15% chance to drop a Fortify Charge that grants 10% Damage reduction. Drops from Sumo in Eschaton Row in Promethea.

Mesmer – Legendary Grenade. Possess enemies to fight on your side for 10 seconds. Increase their weapon and melee damage while possessed. World drop.

Ringer – Legendary Grenade. Bomb deals +50% damage when bowled into enemies. Can be shot to trigger proximity explosion.

Company Man – Legendary artifact. Company-themed (Atlas, Dahl, Vladof, COV, Maliwan, Jakobs, etc.). Comes with 3 company-specific gun manufacturer bonuses. 50% of the cash you pick up is invested in company stock. Cashouts occur after every 10th kill. Unclaimed stock is lost on map transition or unequip. World drop.

Primary Heat Exchanger – Legendary Gunner Class Mod. Iron Bear and Iron Cub gain up to 80% more Minigun damage based on their weapon’s heat level.

Death’s Blessing – Legendary Siren Class Mod. On kill from a Remnant Orb, spawn a Blessed Orb that increases Amara’s weapon damage by 250% for 20 seconds. You can farm this at Nekrofatayo, at the Seer’s Crypt.

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