We Will Be Seeing 10 Years Of Genshin Impact, It Seems…

It’s no secret that Genshin Impact is last year’s and this year’s most profitable free-to-play game, since it amassed 40 million players. And with that player base comes the money from the gacha it implements.

Thanks to that, developer & publisher Mihoyo’s 5-year roadmap plan to keep the game alive has morphed into a 10-year roadmap instead. According to a leak via the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord group,  the company is delaying a number of its updates in the effort to maximize gacha profits. The company will be releasing an update for Genshin Impact every week; this may change in light of the new roadmap.

The game’s current bank-making status isn’t surprising, since the game took 6 months to make US$1 billion thanks to its colourful cast of waifus and husbands in its gacha system. Right now, the Rosaria/Childe banner is active alongside an Oceanid pet event that will last until Friday 4am GMT+8.

Author: Mr Toffee

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