Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Unveils New Legend Valkyrie

Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer for Apex Legends Season 9, which will be removing the season moniker and officially dubbed Apex Legends Legacy with some Titanfall-related content.

First up is new Legend Valkyrie. Her real name is Kairi Imahara, the daughter of Viper, an Apex Predator killed by Jack Cooper in Titanfall 2. Valkyrie meets with Blisk, appearing to plan revenge for her father’s death, but either changes her mind, or was only planning to impress Blisk in the first place.

“Bold, brash, fiery and fierce, Kairi Imahara grew up in the shadow of her father’s legacy. But now she’s ready to launch her own.” – the short bio from Respawn reads.

Check out her backstory in the trailer below:

There’s also a new weapon, Bocek Bow, which is described as a powerful and deadly weapon, for those with the skill to wield it. Capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range, you’ll need to make each shot count.

Players can also look forward to an updated Olympus map:

Apex Legends Season 9 or Apex Legends Legacy is launching on 4 May 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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