Here’s How To Get Infinite Legendary Shards In Destiny 2

Legendary Shards are an in-game currency in Bungie’s Destiny 2, which can be used to infuse and upgrade weapons and gear, as well as purchase exotics from Xur. What that means is that it’s a pretty valuable resource in the game. At the time of writing, there is a way for players to obtain infinite Legendary Shards as part of the Guardian Games event.

According to YouTuber Cheese Forever in his video, you have to first collect a Guardian Games class item from Zavala in the Tower. Next, you’ll have to head to Collection / Armor / Events and find the class item at the bottom of the second tab. It’s important to note that you must use this year’s version in order for this to work.

Next, you’ll have to stock up on the class items (10 is the limit at any one time), and dismantle them. Each dismantling will give you four Legendary Shards and three Weapon Parts. This is an exploit because they only cost three Weapon Parts and 250 Glimmer. You can just acquire more Glimmer by visiting The Spider on The Tangled Shore and purchasing it.

Bungie is probably going to hotfix this infinite Legendary Shard exploits soon, so players have to be quick and check it out to get loads of Legendary Shards.

Check out the video below YouTuber Cheese Forever for more details:

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