Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha Is Now Live

Blizzard has announced that the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha test launches today, starting from today for a limited number of Android users in the Australia region who register, along with select press and content creators, will be able to participate in the Closed Alpha of the mobile game.

This will be the second alpha test for Diablo Immortal and will be introducing loads of new updates, features, and systems for players to delve into. The Closed Alpha will stay live for several weeks to ensure players will be able to experience all content to the fullest with ample time to provide feedback.

So, what’s coming in the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha? Check out the breakdown below, but you can head on over to the blog post for an in-depth overview of all the new content.

New endgame and PvP systems:

  • The Cycle of Strife, faction-based endgame system – Players will fight as either Shadows or Immortals through various PvP and PvE activities in a continuous cycle to claim the throne as the ultimate defenders of Sanctuary.
    • Shadows – Shadows rally together in groups known as Dark Houses to challenge the Immortals in many ways such as raids against their precious Vault. Shadows must also complete Contracts to grow their houses and ultimately challenge Immortals in a PvP showdown through the Rite of Exile to try and take their place as the new defenders of Sanctuary.
    • Immortals – Immortals are the elite defenders against the Burning Hells, designated as the best of the best. They must fight to grow their dominance and defend against the Shadows to remain on top. One player will earn the right to lead the Immortals and can nominate up to four Lieutenants to bestow powerful Crowns to, which will grow in power and provide buffs to them and their allies in battle.
  • The Battleground, 8v8 PvP team battle – Players can participate in an epic 8v8 team fight within the Battleground. Two groups will form between attackers and defenders as they fight for dominance on the battlefield.
  • New end-game feature, Helliquary – The Helliquary allows players to locate and challenge powerful demon bosses. Once defeated, players can trap them and claim awesome rewards.
  • Essence Transfer system added – Players can extract Essences from Legendary items they have obtained and transfer them to other Legendary items in their collection to customize and craft the perfect item.

Expanded content:

  • New class, the Crusader now playable – The Crusader is a mid-range hybrid caster/melee fighter who wields powerful weapons, heavy armor, and righteous holy magic. They will be playable alongside the Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard (Necromancer to come in a future testing phase)
  • Level cap raised from 45 to 55 – Players will be able to progress up to level 55 and will have access to a new paragon tree at max level.
  • Two new zones to explore – Defend Mount Zavain from the Khazra goatmen as they threaten the homeland of the monks. Scour the Frozen Tundra, a snowy wasteland where the remaining armies of Baal still linger after the Lord of Destruction’s downfall.
  • New dungeon added – The Cavern of Echoes located deep in the Frozen Tundra is where players will hunt down the mysterious Iceburn Tear relic.

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