Guess The World Isn’t Ready For A Sakura Wars Spin-Off Mobile Game…

What IS it with Sega and trying to bring its Sakura Wars franchise? It feels like it may be a cursed IP from a business standpoint.

Sega and Delightworks will be ending the service of its Sakura Wars spin-off mobile game Sakura Kakumei: Hanasaku Otome-tachi on 30th June. The game has been online for six months since December 2020. Here’s the official statement:

Since service launched, we have worked hard planning and managing events, improving game systems, and so on in efforts to provide better service, but after considering the environment surrounding the game, playability, and future developments, we have unfortunately come to the decision to end service.

Sad news, for sure. As fun as the game seemed at launch, it did suffer from a number of factors: slowdown and performance issues, lack of enticing characters in the roster of maidens, and other similar titles like Princess Connect Re:Dive and Fate: GO that still dominate everyone’s attention.

Oh, and if we were to choose to shift funds & marketing efforts between this and Project Sekai, we’ll have to pick the latter unless we’re a company that likes to bleed cash. That’s just the way the mobile gaming world works.


Author: Mr Toffee

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