Latest Call of Duty Warzone Patch Adds DLSS Support & New Battle Pass Rewards

For you FPS graphics fans out there, you can now enjoy the most-requested Nvidia feature in Call of Duty Warzone.

According to the latest patch notes for the battle royale’s season 3 that’s slated for 22nd April (later today), you can now use DLSS in the game. DLSS is Nvidia’s new tech that provides performance boosts at high resolution. Of course, you will need a GeForce RTX card to even test it out. If you have, great job: you can just turn it on and see the results.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 introduces the limited-time event Hunt for Adler, 100 tiers of content to earn in the new battle pass, and the annihilation of the Verdansk map. It also features a merciful 25.2 GB download, which is a surprise given how much HDD space the game hogs up.

Here’s the list of battle pass stuff you can win:

  • Tier 0
    • Instantly unlock Wraith, a new Woods Skin, and more
  • Tier 15
    • PPSh-41 SMG
  • Tier 21
    • “Vex Lord” Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • Tier 27
    • “Gilded Rose” Shotgun Blueprint
  • Tier 31
    • Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle
  • Tier 55
    • “Slow Death” LMG Blueprint
  • Tier 95
    • Ultra-Rarity “Loud Pipe” Reactive SMG Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 100
    • “White Queen” Wraith Skin
    • “Roman Standard” Legendary Sniper Rifle Blueprint

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