Nier Replicant Ver 1.22: How To Get All The Endings

Nier Replicant Ver 1.22 is out now for everyone to experience and play. Long story short: it’s an amazing remake and massive improvement to a game with a great epic story but dubious gameplay.

You also have heard that this game boasts several endings that paint the full picture of Nier Replicant’s narrative. Welp, we’re here to help you figure out how to unlock them all.

Don’t worry: we’ll keep this guide as spoiler-free as possible. There are no massive spoilers on this guide. We’re not putting in any detailed descriptions on the endings; we’re just outlining basic instructions on how to get them in order.

Still, we will put this disclaimer in case you get triggered by vague instructions.

If you want a spoiler-filled feature, wait a few days. We will have something cooked up.

Ending A

Beat the game. That’s it. Fight the final boss and beat him to get this ending.

Ending B

After you complete Ending A, you are put back into the story just after the point in Part Two where you rescue Kaine. This path is called Route B.

This second time through features new cutscenes during the story, as well as some novel sections giving backstory to Kaine and Emil. You also keep the same weapons and level you obtained when you completed ending A, so going through boss fights should be slightly easier.

When you reach the end of the story again and defeat the final boss, you will get Ending B.

Ending C and D

The next time through, you will need to collect all weapons (if you haven’t done so already) so that you gain the choice to trigger either Ending C or D after fighting a new final boss.

This wiki link (and this pretty detailed RPG Site weapons guide) is pretty handy to keep track of all the weapons you need to collect. You’ll need to complete some quests in the second half of the game, spend money in each city’s blacksmiths/weapons dealer, and also play through the 15 Nightmares dungeon to get all of them.

In this playthrough, Route C, you also will want to do the boss speedrun trophies if you haven’t already. There are no new cutscenes here during these boss fights, so skip them if you want to make your playthrough faster.

It would be smart to make a backup of your save file at the end of the game just in case, before going on to trigger Ending C if you don’t want to do an extra-long playthrough to then trigger Ending D. Last we checked, the last save you can do at this point is at the Lost Ruin: Rooftop, just a room before the point of no return.

After Ending C you can either revert a save file backup or do another playthrough to trigger Ending D. Note that doing the latter will delete all save files, with Ending E only giving back the one you completed the game off of, so if you wanted to keep the other two you should back up your save first.

Ending E

Yes, this is brand-new content that isn’t in the 2010 original.

After completing Ending D, you need to start a new game after your saves are wiped. Play through the game until you defeat the boss in the Aerie. After interacting with Kaine the story will diverge and you will be on the path to Ending E. Play through this part to the end for the final ending trophy.

If you plan to, make sure to do the “Daredevil” trophy/achievement before reaching the ending, as this is the only point you can do it. If you miss it you’d have to trigger Ending D again to get back into the Ending E path. This will be a hassle to do since it requires you to play through the second half of the game again.

Completing Ending E and choosing “Yes” at the end gives you back your deleted Ending D save that you completed the game off of. Yay!

How Do I Get The “Daredevil” Trophy?

This trophy is earned while playing the Ending E route.  You need to position the camera so that it is looking up Kaine’s skirt. Here’s a video (might be spoiler-filled; proceed with caution).

She will chastise you and kick the camera away. Do this 10 times in a row to earn this trophy. You also earn a Game Over screen here because you’re a pervert. And rightfully so.

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