Problems With Nier Replicant’s PC Port? The Community Has You Covered!

It’s so awesome to have a classic 2010 get new life thanks to Square Enix and the game’s original creators. We’re referring to the highly-acclaimed Nier Replicant for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Players who are playing it on the latter platform may be experiencing slight technical hiccups. It’s not as bad as the Nier Automata port, but it has some issues like:

  • The game having serious frame drops when your controller gets unplugged/desynced accidentally.
  • Your mouse pointer appearing on your screen during cutscenes.
  • The player character moving too fast on computers with monitor refresh rates over 60hz.

At least the game’s community are on it. For the frame rate issue, the Nier Replicant High FPS Fix is available in the game’s new Nexusmods section. It’ll let you run the game over 60fps without distorting its animations.

There’s also a Steam community post by Kaldaien that details how to tweak your computer for the best Nier Replicant performance, like a Special K fix for the game’s input management. This gets rid of the mouse cursor showing up when you’re on a gamepad, cuts down on stuttering by disabling the PS4 HID input, and turns off the internal v-sync.


Square Enix has yet to issue a PC patch to fix these problems as of yet.

Author: Mr Toffee

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