New Multiplayer Shooter Scavengers Heads To Early Access This 28 April

If you’re looking for more accessible version of Escape From Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown, but with a more battle royale flair, look no further than the upcoming online shooter Scavengers.

This game from Midwinter Entertainment combines the best of large-scale battle royale shooters with the chaotic variables of an open-world title ala the FarCry series. You can win a match of Scavengers by either wiping out most of the lobby or escaping the level with as much stuff as you can carry. And you can do so free of charge, as the game will be in early access on Steam this 28th April. The console versions of the game will be out at a later date.

Scavengers also has an upcoming experimental multiplayer mode that’s basically meant for theatrical events. See, Midwinter Entertainment invited a number of folks for an online ScavLab test session featuring 1,700 live players for the sake of announcing the game’s Early Access date. The devs will definitely be using ScavLab for future events like this one, with the goal of getting up to 9,000+ players in the same space.

Check out the gameplay of Scavengers below; it may be the next best thing of 2021.

Author: Mr Toffee

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