Respawn Becomes First Games Studio To Win An Oscar

In a momentous occasion for the video game and interactive entertainment industry, Colette, a documentary produced by Respawn Entertainment and Oculus Studios has won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short at the 93rd Academy Awards (Oscars 2021).

Marking the first time a video game company has been nominated and awarded an Oscar, Colette is directed by Anthony Giacchino and was originally featured in Medal Of Honor Above And Beyond, an immersive VR experience that puts players in the boots of a soldier during World War II.

Colette follows the emotional journey of a 90-year old former French Resistance fighter who travels to Germany for the first time after World War II. Colette Marin-Catherine is one of the last living members of the French Resistance, as she returns to Germany for the first time in 74 years. She had refused to step foot in the country since the conclusion of World War II, but that changed when a young history student named Lucie entered her life and encouraged her to visit the concentration camp where the Nazis killed her brother.

Respawn Entertainment Creative Director Peter Hirschmann said (via press release):

“We could not be more proud of Anthony Giacchino and the team’s work in bringing Colette’s story to life as part of Medal Of Honor, a video game franchise rooted in history and the retelling of veterans’ stories to generations for years to come.

As we continue to take steps towards further legitimizing the creativity and passion of those in the games industry, we hope this is the first of many Oscars for video game companies who have shown time and time again how powerful and impactful storytelling through this interactive medium can be.”

Medal Of Honor Above And Beyond is now available for the Oculus Rift and Steam platforms and provides one of the deepest VR experiences available to date. Players will be immersed in an emotionally-driven single-player campaign, fully-realized multiplayer modes, a powerful retelling of history from veterans and heroes in the franchise’s iconic Gallery and more.

You can watch the award-winning Colette documentary in its entirety below, or head on over here to check out our recap of the Oscars 2021:

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