Genshin Impact Hangout Events Guide – How To Obtain All The Endings (Update)

This guide is updated with the most recent Hangouts since 28th April.

Genshin Impact’s 1.4 update is here and available for everyone to test out. Not only are there some new quality-of-life changes, but you can now hang out/date four of the 20+ waifus and husbands via the Genshin Impact Hangout Event.

Basically, you’ll need to spend 2 Story Keys (which you can get from completing 8 daily quests for 1 key) per one character’s Genshin Impact Hangout Event quest. The four characters are:

  • Diona
  • Barbara
  • Noelle (Act 1 and Act 2)
  • Chongyun
  • Bennett

Each Genshin Impact Hangout Event has its own dialogue tree and flowchart, as well as multiple endings for you to unlock. Here’s a guide to tell you how to do just that.


Ending #1 (The Unfathomable Felines): Pick the cat option at the start of the hangout, find cats, then pick pro-cat options when talking to Diona).

Ending #2 ( Cat Party): Pick cat option at the start, find cats, then pick pro-drink options when talking to Diona.

Ending #3 (Diona’s Special): Pick “base to be unique” at the start, initiate dialogue path leading to the search for Draff. Then, pick the option to check out his flask when prompted.

Ending #4 (I…Only Had..A Little): Pick “base to be unique” at the start, Search for Draff, then pick the option to search for the herbal soup yourself

Ending #5 (The Ultimate Special): Pick “flavoring to be more unique” at the start of the dialogue chain, then follow the entire quest involving drinks-mixing and sabotage


Ending #1 (Untimely Enthusiasm): Make the Barbara fan club guy go searching for Barbara by picking dialogue options that will make him suspect that she’s in the forest. Then, join in the guy’s shouting when prompted.

Ending #2 (A Holiday in Monstadt): Chase the fan club guy away and head to the dialogue tree that will lead to you collecting red Wolfhook fruits for Barbara. After that, you’ll be led to a quest where you clean up the outside bits of the church.

After that bit, Barbara will talk to you and give you a choice of either going to the Cat’s Tail bar or having her make Chillbrew for you. Pick Cat’s Tail bar.

Ending #3 (Incompletely Cured): Pick the Chilibrew option, then when given a choice between splitting up and going together, pick “go together”. Then, when you’re approached by a stranger during the quest, choose to escort the stranger to the Knights. You’ll initiate a fight with the stranger, which leads to the third ending.

Ending #4 (A Fiery Flavor from Liyue): Pick the “splitting up” option, then hunt down the special Jiyue chillis. Then, head to the spot near Monstadt. You’ll eventually come to blows against Treasure Hoarders who are attacking a Liyue merchant. When given reward choices, pick the Liyue Chilibrew option.

Ending #5 (A Taste of Hard Work): Pick the options that will lead you to a fight against the Treasure Hoarders assaulting the Liyue merchant. When given reward choices by the merchant, pick the Sweet Flowers. This will lead you to the best Barbara ending.

Noelle Act 1

Ending #1 (Goodbye, Miss Maid): Select “You know…it’s okay not to be a knight.” when prompted to on the first quest of this Hangout. Then follow the questline where you help out a “merchant” named Alois.

Ending #2 (A Cold Reception): Follow the same path as Ending #1, but when talking to Alois, insist on having Noelle and yourself escort him to the Knights.

Ending #3 (A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength): Pick the training option and “What you lack is strength!” on the first quest of the Hangout. Then after the training room sequence in Monstadt, the pick “you need to fight enemies outside of Monstadt” option.

Ending #4 (A Maid Above Ground): Same as Ending 3, but pick “You need more strength!” after the training room sequence.

Ending #5 (A Conundrum Called Love): Pick “you need to rest” in the first quest, then choose “It’s the thought that counts” for the Beatrice questline. You’re on the right path if your quest is to cook food for Beatrice.

Ending #6 (Whisper of the Paper Rose): Same as Ending #5’s path, but pick “we need to choose our gifts carefully” for the Beatrice questline. You’re on the right path if your quest involves taking pictures of different dating spots.

Noelle Act 2

Ending #1 (Rest Amidst The Rocks): Pick the “change of scenery” route at the start of Noelle’s Hangout dialogue tree. Then, when you make your way to Liyue after a few events, pick the Millelith option when prompted. This should happen after you meet up with a kid who wants to see your greatsword.

Ending #2 ( The Maid-Knight’s Tale): Same path as Ending #1, but pick “Third-Round Knockout” option for your final Liyue stop.

Ending #3 (Points Deducted): Pick the “face exams head-on” Hangout option to take part in the Adventurer Guild test, then purposely fail the Ruin Guard boss fight.

For the questions, here are the answers to the questions:

  • Part 1: Windwheel Asters, Roald, Mare Jivari.
  • Part 2: Steak.

Ending #4 (Perfect Score): Pick the “face exams head-on” Hangout option to take part in the Adventurer Guild test, then win the Ruin Guard boss fight. If you have trouble with the Ruin Guard, you may want to tone down your World Level difficulty.

Ending #5 (The One and Only Noelle): Pick the “imagine yourself passing the test” option, then pick the “Acting Grand Master, Like Jean” option after the Baron Bunny sidequest.

Ending #6 (Work Made for a Maid): Pick the “imagine yourself passing the test” option, then pick the “Cavalry Captain, like Kaeya” option after the Baron Bunny sidequest.





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