Guilty Gear Strive Second Open Beta Test Scheduled For This May In Southeast Asia

Anime fighting game fans in need of an Arc System Works fix: the second beta test for the next big Guilty Gear title is underway.

Bandai Namco Southeast Asia and Arc System Works announced that the next Guilty Gear Strive open beta test will be from 14th to 16th May for PS4 and PS5 users. In the new beta test, you’ll get to try out Anji Mito and I-No alongside the previous roster in the last beta. In addition, the beta will feature improved balancing (most likely a nerf to Potemkin), and a revamped online lobby system. Players will get to check out the following playable modes:

● Offline Modes:
– VS COM / VS 2P
– Tutorial Mode
– Training Mode

● Network Mode:
– Online Match

As a bonus, PS4 and PS5 can fight each other via crossplay magic. Here’s the schedule: 14th May 11am ~ 16th May 10:59pm. 

Author: Mr Toffee

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