[Rumour] Mortal Kombat Devs Will Be Working On A New Marvel Fighting Game

Take this news with a huge grain of salt, but if it’s true, we may bear witness to the first video game company that has dipped its fighting game-making hands into two of the biggest comic publishing houses on the planet.

NetherRealm Studios, the developers behind the Mortal Kombat games and the two Injustice DC Comics superheroes-laced fighting games, may be gearing up to give Spider-Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Marvel superheroes the NetherRealm touch. According to industry insider Daniel Richtman, NetherRealm may be developing a Marvel fighting game for next-gen consoles. Right now, the game is in production.

Again, take this with a grain of salt because NetherRealm is tied together with Warner Bros. Games, so unless there’s some leeway going on, this may not even be true. Still, due to the low fanfare for Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, it wouldn’t be surprising news if Disney is on the lookout for new game developers to make a brand-new fighting game. At least to wash off that bitter taste from the last game.

Author: Mr Toffee

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