Take Flight With Hot Toys Captain America Sam Wilson Edition

“That’s Captain America”. The words that ring true in the final episode of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney+ mini-series, a show featuring comic book asskickery, comic book character arcs, topics on racism, and more.

Now you too can own a part of comic book and Marvel Cinematic Universe history with this upcoming Hot Toys Collectible Captain America/The Falcon Sam Wilson figure, which is at 1/6th scale. This collectable figure features Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson in the red, white, and blue Vibranium-powered flight suit, the iconic Vibranium shield that can take a guy’s head off if used properly, a flight back pack, a Redwing drone, and detailed recreation of those hot sexy wings that extend approximately 80cm wide. American badass indeed!

If you have the money you can pre-order this American badass of a statue right now on Hot Toys’ website. Check out the pics of Black Falcon below.



Author: Mr Toffee

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