Borderlands 3 Maurice Black Market Location – Week 4

Need some quick Legendary loot in exchange for a copious amount of money? Then you’ll want to know where to go to find Borderlands 3’s Black Market vending machine this week (30th April).

This week’s Maurice Black Market vending machine location is at Tazendeer Ruins on the planet Nekrotafeyo (via EpicNNG). It’s at the Maliwan Base at the centre of the map after Charnel Keep; there’s no shortcut to getting there so you’ll need to start at the beginning of the map and then take the east exit of the Maliwan base.

What’s on sale at this week’s Black Market vending machine? Here’s a list:

  • Binary Compressing Trevonator shotgun (and many variations of this nice weapon)
  • Krakatoa sniper rifle (many variations)
  • Black Hole shield

Not a bad haul if you want a heckaton of Trevonators for your Siren & Zane builds.

Author: Mr Toffee

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