Returnal Endgame Guide: How To Get To Act 3

After you finished Returnal and killed the game’s final boss, you’ll get the obligatory cutscene and end credits. That’s it, right?

Guess what? It’s not the end. There’s a third and final act of Returnal that unlocks the true conclusion to the game. After much replaying and Cycle-breaking, there’s a secret that needs uncovering. This quick guide is to point out how to get that elusive Act 3 and get the respective trophy for your PS5 collection.

There are no major spoilers on this guide: the step-by-step here is laid out in a general description fashion. Still, if you’re triggered by even these sorts of descriptions, we’ll put out a simple warning:

Step 1: Finish the game’s story until Act 2’s end.

This one’s a no-brainer. Get to the sixth biome, kill the final boss there, and then watch the story cutscene and credits.

Also, make sure you’ve watched the first 5 house sequences. You’ve already achieved this if you get the PS5 trophy “Sins of the Mother”.

Now that you’re on Act 3, it’s time to actually get the secret ending. How do we do that?

Step 2: Search for Sunface Fragments.

Once you’ve killed the final boss, you can free-roam the whole Biome sphere; all six of them. You can replay all the Biomes back to back and search all the main and side rooms carefully for these key items called Sunface Fragments.

These spawn at random with each run and Cycle. If you did not find any in all six biomes in one run, you will need to kill yourself so that the world gets randomized again, giving you a new chance to find these Fragments. There will be 1 Sunface Fragment per Biome; that should at least narrow your consecutive searches down.

Step 3: Go back to the house & sort it out.

After you’ve collected all 6 Sunface Fragments, you have to bring them back to the house to trigger the 6th and final house sequence. This will give you a car key.

Then, head to the sixth & final biome final boss and kill it again. Head to the car past the boss fight and then use the car key on the car. Congratulations, you’ve finished Act 3 and truly completed the game!

Unless you’re going for a Platinum, in which case you’ll need to replay the game over and over again for random collectibles popping up in your Cycles and runs. If you thought the Sunface Fragments RNG is bad….

For more Returnal tips, head to our guide here. Or if you just want to see all the House Sequences without the 40 hours of hellish gameplay and RNG, head to this video (major spoiler warning).

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