Titanfall 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend

Good news, fans of first-person shooters. One of Respawn and EA’s best games is now available for free!

At least, for this weekend. Titanfall 2 is free on the Steam PC platform from now until 4th May 1am GMT+8. Download the game here.

It’s basically the perfect time to find out what the fuss is about. After all, the currently popular battle royale game Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, with Titanfall and Titanfall 2 being prequels of sorts before the game.

We highly recommend it: it features a gripping single-player campaign, a good multiplayer time featuring team-based deathmatch and points-scrambling featuring pilots and Titan gameplay, and awesome controls and shooting that’s clearly created by folks who have done first-person shooters. Plus, KKP’s head honcho Kenn Leandre can’t shut the f*** up about it, and he loves his shooters.



Author: Mr Toffee

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