Happy May The 4th: The Best Star Wars Articles On Kakuchopurei

Article originally posted on 4th May, 2020. We’re reposting it now because why not?

Yep, it’s that time of year again where we celebrate our love for the Star Wars franchise. And what better way to do that than highlighting what Kakuchopurei has done over the past few years?

We are aware that the series has its ups and downs; the latter has been prevalent on the cinematic side of things. So let’s compile our Star Wars writeups in one.

Should You Still Hate Star Wars’ New Trilogy?

Let’s delve into the past and find out if The Last Jedi really killed the series. Or is there something more behind the scenes.

A New Hope: Why Star Wars’ Future Should Be On TV

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7

Here’s a feature where we talk about why TV Star Wars is better than new movie trilogy Star Wars.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Recap

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 (2)

Since we’re on TV Star Wars, that Clone Wars series is pretty kickass. Here’s a recap so you can jump straight into Season 7.

The Top 10 Star Wars Characters Of All Time

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Hey, how about that? We have our own best characters listicles from the sci-fi franchise. Our list is better because we included Expanded Universe characters.

Kakuchopurei’s Best Of 2019: Star Wars Jedi – Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 16

A few of us liked this action-adventure game from Respawn last year, so we gave it the Best Of KKP award last year. Here’s our writeup praising its many highlights.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler FAQ

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker 2

Speaking of movie Star Wars, here’s us dissecting and grilling part IX.

Celebrating Star Wars In Video Games


We’re a video games site most of the time. Why wouldn’t we have a listicle on Star Wars video games?

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